7 Best Indian Restaurants In Brantford (2024)

Brantford is a growing city which is 30-minutes from the Hamilton Region. As housing prices and property tax begin to rise in Hamilton a lot of homeowners are deciding on bigger homes in Brantford. With this growing city also means new business opportunities, and especially more restaurants. Today I reviewed 7 Indian restaurants in Brantford […]

7 Best Indian Restaurants In Kingston (2024)

Kingston is known for its old heritage buildings and Canadian history which makes it a great tourist attraction for local Canadians. Not only that, but it is almost home to one of the top Universities in Canada which is Queens University. While Kingston is populated with many students and local Canadians, many have a craving […]

7 Best Dim Sum Restaurants in Toronto (2024)

Dim Sum is a popular Chinese meal that started to gain popularity in Toronto as more Chinese restaurants began opening up. The challenge many new Torontonians have is the overwhelming amount of dim sum locations. Today I have simplified this challenge by having tried out the majority of Asian restaurants that serve Dim Sum, and […]